The First Important Quality of Life Measurement

When I learned I had a brain tumor on August 26, 2014, it was clearly a shock. No words even come to mind now to describe that initial feeling of discovery. However, the first response I had that lasted was "this will be beaten." There was a complete feeling of triumph.  The question is why? What was the reason for a full security of belief throughout the month-long path of living with a brain tumor?

My Christian faith clearly directs my optimism.  Also, the surgery in September completely removed the tumor and it was benign - that obviously was necessary for success. However, the sense of peace and accomplishment throughout that month was for different reasons and is the source of the first lesson.  It can be captured in a statement I told a great friend of mine:

"It is good to have friends.  It is better to have friends like ours."

Ashley and Three Incredible Friends

The amount and the quality of service others have given to us over the past two months has been humbling, unbelievable and truly life-changing.  This medical process has been changed because of the work our friends have done and continue to do.  We have been taken care of because of the people that surround us.

There are many quality of life measurements I am going to challenge you to make over the next few weeks.  This one is the first. What is the condition of the work you do for your friends? How natural is the time you spend encouraging and doing service for your people? We don't take care of others so they will take care of us.  We take care of people because it matters.  I challenge you to invigorate your service to individuals today.  Your quality of life is based on many elements.  The quality of time and authenticity you invest serving others impacts all of them.

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