How Serving Others at Work Matters

My wife Ashley will tell you the biggest challenge I have had through this brain tumor and eventual removal in September 2014 has not been the medical pain, the possibility of cancer, the burden on our family, etc. My biggest challenge has been her getting what she needed to be strong and healthy through this. She has through her immense faith, incredible family and amazing friends. My rare quality of life is a product of God's plan, Him putting a great woman in my life and then the lessons I'm sharing here - in that order.

The second biggest challenge as a business owner has been, what eventually will be, 80 days off work. My last keynote was August 15, 2014 at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. My first time back on-stage will be November 4, 2014 on campus in Stillwater at Oklahoma State University. I grew up on a farm in Laverne, Oklahoma and started my speaking business in college in 1993. There has never been close to this many days in a row where I haven't contributed, served, improved, changed lives, etc. via keynotes, workshops, trainings and/or coaching. Many tumor patients have even more days, weeks and months without the ability to work.

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How does this impact you? It is not about work. It is not about the 80 days.  It is about Strengthen Your Best.  The third of the three life actions designed to help you reach a rare quality of life. This one is about taking advantage of and creating opportunities to serve others to the best of your ability. I haven't created value in person with an audience member since August 15.  Work is not the only place you and I create value for others. My family of Ashley and our three daughters is home base for influence. However, this professional void has reminded me of the important contribution of serving others at work on my quality of life.  It matters.  How important is creating value today at your work place through serving others?

Strengthening Your Best and intentionally serving others at work changes lives. You are more than likely already a server, meaningful influencer and leader. Demonstrate that you enjoy it and let that enjoyment lead others to do the same. People who need to improve their quality of life at your work place need to see through you how serving others can contribute significantly to their quality of life. When you Strengthen Your Best and daily serve others where you are, you will never know the complete influence you are making on others. Take it from me, your time at work, with your family/friends, etc. should be treated as priceless. Make the most of it. 

Quality of life challenges for you today:

  1. Enjoy life. Enjoy work. No matter what comes your way, it is the intended plan.
  2. Give your purposeful best at work. It is where we spend the most time throughout our life. You absolutely never know when your 80 days might happen.
  3. Strengthen Your Best by serving others first, daily and where you are at work and at home.


How to Improve Your Quality of Life: The Three Actions That Matter

It is an age-old story. It happens to be mine now. I was given a brain tumor. The amazing UT Southwestern surgeons and staff in Dallas removed it totally in September 2014 and it was benign. I am one of the fortunate ones. I actually see carrying a tumor as a gift because of the way it changed my view of how our quality of life is created. As a 20-year veteran speaker/trainer, you just don't experience major changes like this very often.

Today I will introduce the three life actions this blog will focus on over the next few weeks. I challenge you to begin developing your quality of life by looking at how you are doing in these three areas:

1. Let go of the little. 

2. Protect your core. 

3. Strengthen your best.

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The first one, let go of the little, seems trite, but shows up in so many crevasses in your life. A rare quality of life is grounded in big, meaningful elements being in place. However, it is also created by having the ability to know what needs your attention and focus and what doesn't. How purposeful are you at letting go of the little distractions and irritations that create unnecessary stress and tension? One of the secrets we are going to look at is that it matters less what gets to you. What matters is how you respond. 

The second one, protect your core, is about taking care of what makes you you. I need to invest time and resources being a solid Christian, husband, father, friend and speaker because that is who I am. How much time are you investing in the areas that define who you are? Your quality of life is grounded in who you are at the core and how authentically you excel in those areas. I am going to help you discover if and how even small disconnects might be hurting your quality of life's health.

Strengthen your best speaks directly to your ability to create value for others. This third life action is about service. How much time and effort do you invest creating value for others? This one is not about inspiration or motivation. It is a tangible, action-based challenge that creates a significant difference in your quality of life through the act of significantly improving the quality of life of others. We can only live with a rare quality of life once we purposefully desire to serve others and then act on that desire daily.

These three concepts are where we will spend our time over the next few weeks. Please visit often. I look forward to your comments, questions and the opportunity to help you create meaningful changes. 

Questions to journal and work on:

  • How purposeful are you at letting go of the little distractions and irritations that create unnecessary stress and tension?
  • How much time are you investing in the areas that define who you are?
  • How much time and effort do you invest creating value for others?


The First Important Quality of Life Measurement

When I learned I had a brain tumor on August 26, 2014, it was clearly a shock. No words even come to mind now to describe that initial feeling of discovery. However, the first response I had that lasted was "this will be beaten." There was a complete feeling of triumph.  The question is why? What was the reason for a full security of belief throughout the month-long path of living with a brain tumor?

My Christian faith clearly directs my optimism.  Also, the surgery in September completely removed the tumor and it was benign - that obviously was necessary for success. However, the sense of peace and accomplishment throughout that month was for different reasons and is the source of the first lesson.  It can be captured in a statement I told a great friend of mine:

"It is good to have friends.  It is better to have friends like ours."

Ashley and Three Incredible Friends

The amount and the quality of service others have given to us over the past two months has been humbling, unbelievable and truly life-changing.  This medical process has been changed because of the work our friends have done and continue to do.  We have been taken care of because of the people that surround us.

There are many quality of life measurements I am going to challenge you to make over the next few weeks.  This one is the first. What is the condition of the work you do for your friends? How natural is the time you spend encouraging and doing service for your people? We don't take care of others so they will take care of us.  We take care of people because it matters.  I challenge you to invigorate your service to individuals today.  Your quality of life is based on many elements.  The quality of time and authenticity you invest serving others impacts all of them.


What My Brain Tumor Did For You

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 from 7:30 am to 2 pm I was out and my skull was wide open. Dr. Barnett and his exceptional team in Dallas at UT Southwestern were taking out the golf ball-sized brain tumor I had behind my left eye for years. I learned much from the month-long journey leading up to that room. This morning I am a 20-year professional trainer/speaker only seven days after brain surgery and I am amazed at how I have changed.

My perspective has changed regarding the most important concepts dictating quality of life. The purpose of this blog over the next few weeks will be to share this short list. My goal is to help you improve your quality of life using lessons I have experienced going through this journey. I am going to help you create a rare quality of life based on a list of three life actions. Please check back often and let's see where we can go together.

My brain tumor has been thankfully removed and was diagnosed benign. There is much for you to learn from my experience.