Key Lessons From the 2009 Oklahoma Career Tech University

Last week, we had 50+ elected student leaders from the Oklahoma BPA, DECA, FCCLA, FFA, HOSA, SkillsUSA and TSA organizations for 16 hours of leadership training.

They were one powerfully excited and intense groups of student leaders! Here are a few of the key lessons we taught at this three-day Oklahoma CareerTech University...

  • You are now an Intentional Student Leader. An ISL is someone who intentionally engages at a deeper level than ever before.

  • Many people would have loved to be in your position, so remember to treat it like a privilege rather than a burden.

  • You must know what it is that makes your organization successful in order to continue achieving your goals. You must know yourself and your organization.

  • You are the face of your organization. You represent your organization with every action.

  • Many people in leadership positions deal with an ego problem. For you as an ISL to be interested in what is going on in someone else’s world is HUGE.

  • It doesn’t matter how much you love your organization, unless you know how to share that passion with the world.

  • To overcome team creativity barriers, encourage others' ideas, consider thoughtfully those ideas that conflict with yours and sometimes compromise is the best way to go.

  • Teams don't get things done. Individuals do. We must work hard individually toward the team goal.

  • Thousands of messages are sent with body language, and only a few with what you are actually saying.

  • Keep the emotional charge going and transition straight into serious mode. Emotional charge turns the audience into wet clay and you can take them wherever you would like to.

(Special thanks to Kelly (Sugar) Barnes and Sarah (Hootie) Reasnor for all their help in making the instruction of the leadership lessons awesomenominal!)

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