General: Some Leadership Food for Thought

Following are ten Tweets from Rhett's personal Twitter account that could be used as leadership food for thought and/or quotes to post in your classroom or boardroom.  Enjoy...

  1. To be a great presenter you have to equally care and have total disregard for how the audience feels and thinks about you and your content.
  2. When you fully and genuinely believe in something, it causes others to believe more deeply in you even if they don't share your belief.
  3. If you are a lukewarm leader, let someone on fire take the lead. Lack of growth is not the economy's fault - it is yours. Get in gear.
  4. You should receive personal gain from the blood, sweat and tears you give as a leader. Just make sure your gain is not your neighbor's pain.
  5. Great ideas hide under piles of hard work, bad ideas and self-doubt. They discriminate and only want to associate with people who dig deep.
  6. Love and money make the world go round. One is worthless without the other and one is worth more than the other. You decide which is which.
  7. To purely evaluate a musical piece, listen with eyes shut by yourself. To purely evaluate a leader, ask how they act when no one is watching.
  8. Famous people are leaders because they need attention. Real people are leaders because they give the attention to more important things.
  9. Stop using "the economy is bad" as an excuse to not fundraise for good causes. Avatar brought in $500 mil+. You need way less. Go get it.
  10. There are 2 types of people: 1) Those driven by improving the big world. 2) Those driven by improving their little world. We need more 1's.

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