Emotional Maturity: The Spirit Circle

Your best leadership is done with a spirit of enthusiasm, servanthood, kindness and energy. Spirit means these characteristics are a part of you totally.  They define who you are and are not changed by the conditions or people around you.

The Spirit Circle is a simple concept designed to demonstrate how talented leaders live a high-quality life and make a difference in the world.

Your spirit drives your attitude.
Your attitude feeds your effort.
Your effort creates your results.
Your results feed your spirit.

Great leaders live by certain metrics, rules and codes for each of the four (servant spirit, positive attitude, tireless effort, excellent results, etc.), but the fact that each of the four are dependent on the other three is the critical lesson.

The secret to getting your leadership in gear using the Spirit Circle is that you can begin anywhere.  Start by improving your attitude about something or someone.  Give more or better effort.  View your current results in a new light from a better perspective or set your sights on more meaningful results for the future.  Any of these actions will begin a chain of reactions leading to an improvement and refinement of your spirit.

Choose to be a spirited leader today.

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