Teaching PLI: How to use Delicious in Your Leadership Class

Delicious.com is one of the biggest players in an area of the web called social bookmarking. It is a service that lets you share or read a collection of web sites grouped by topics.  We have been running a Delicious account for five years and have accumulated over 1,500 leadership and presentation skills related web sites, blog posts, white papers, images and videos.

The beautiful thing about Delicious is the tagging.  Every time we post a new link to our Delicious account, it is "tagged" under one of our ten PLI Essentials or a handful of other relevant topics (speaking skills, TED videos, etc.).  This makes it very easy to get in, get something to help you teach leadership and get out.

Following are five ideas on how you can use our Delicious database in your classroom:

1. Add material to the PLI curriculum. Each item is tagged by a PLI Essential, so it is easy to add new material throughout the traditional PLI curriculum.

2. Give "required reading" assignments to your leadership class. Many of the items we have tagged are interactive and instruct the reader to study, learn, act upon or teach something.

3. Use as the curriculum resource for a senior leadership class to teach a younger leadership class. With a little elbow grease on your part (or their part), our database can easily be assimilated into a fairly comprehensive teaching tool.

4. In coordination with our free iPhone app, use the database for a quick lesson on a field trip, at a leadership conference/retreat or before/after class.

5. Personal leadership development study resource. When you first browse the database, look for lessons you can personally apply.

No matter how you choose to use it, click through the database, bookmark it and return often as it is updated and added to weekly.

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