Service Mindedness: The Elected Student Leader's Credo

The Elected Student Leader's Credo.
Thoughts on Intentional Leadership

I will lead and always remember what it is like to follow.

I will speak my voice and listen when you are doing the same.

I will be me and let you be you.

I will not pretend to be perfect and not expect that from you.

I will lift you up and give thanks when you return the favor.

I will live a clean-powerful-positive life and help you do the same.

I will focus on how we are the same and not worry about how we are different.

I will choose to smile and let you smile when you choose to.

I will look for the good in myself and in you.

I will learn from those who have come before and leave a challenge for those yet to come.

I will change where change is needed and remain the same where it is not.

I will arrive early and stay late.

I will strive to do valuable, meaningful work and help you do the same.

I will be clear in voice, motive and action and strive to understand you.

I will remember my job is to serve and every day find a way to take you to work with me.


10 Ways the Threshold Thread Works


The Threshold Thread is a concept I have developed to frame the quintessential success trait of high-achievers.

They all have developed the ability to push their capacities further than the average person.

So, what are the most common skill areas high-achievers have pushed the threshold in? The following list highlights one skill area per PLI Essential. As you read through the list, think about how you are doing with each skill area in your life. When was the last time you worked to push yourself in each area?

Visualize the future you want for yourself, your organization, your company, your family, etc. just a little clearer, believe in that future just a little stronger and work just a little harder to create it. If you do, you are living the Threshold Thread.

Be just a little more convicted in your beliefs and values than you were yesterday. Make them stronger as you go. Your average person's conviction in their values gets weaker from the time they set them. You will be a living example of the Threshold Thread if your values and beliefs get stronger.

When faced with a challenge, move quicker into solution mode than you did yesterday.

The Threshold Thread is a powerful concept when applied to your decision making. Are you making better decisions today than you did yesterday? One way to do this is to gather clearer and more exact information than you did before. You can't create specific solutions with vague information.

It is natural to be self-serving. It is a basic human defense mechanism that dates back to the start of the human race. Oh, look - a bear! I had better think about myself and away. However, the Threshold Thread is about crossing over certain lines so you can have a higher quality of life today than you did yesterday. One of those lines is the line between MySpace and YourSpace. It is the line between thinking about yourself first/second/third or thinking about yourself first and then others second/third/etc.

What have you done today to move you closer to a big and/or small goal you have? Most high-achievers don't make few huge leaps forward, but many small steps forward. Remember, the Threshold Thread is about pushing your capacity for action just a little further than you did before. Most of this "pushing" will be done in small spurts.

This PLI Essential is about knowing who you are and how to leverage your uniqueness for success. Get to know yourself a little more today by thinking about why you do what you do and how you can make adjustments to achieve a higher quality of life.

This is the Threshold Thread's most fertile ground in terms of helping you achieve a higher quality of life - your Emotional Maturity. One starter example, how do you respond to stress in your life? How do you respond when something goes wrong, someone aggravates you, something breaks, you disappoint yourself, etc.? Really think about if your responses to these situations are adding or detracting from your quality of life, learn how to make them better and then act.

Relationships are just like plants: they come in all different shapes and sizes, some can survive with minimal attention, but most require daily care and we aren't born with the ability to keep them in great shape - we have to learn what it takes to do so. Push your relationship fostering abilities just a little bit forward. A few small changes can make huge differences.

Your quality of life is directly impacted by your ability to effectively communicate with those around you. Next time you find yourself struggling in a writing, listening, or speaking situation, afterwards make a note to find out how people who succeed in those situations do it and model their success.