General: Indiana FFA State Convention 2010

Sold out of Leaders in Gear last night after my keynote at the 2010 Indiana FFA State Convention. I am so very proud of all the students, parents and advisors for investing in their leadership. LiG is packed with tips and strategies to help them know how to use their influence to make a positive difference in the lives of others!

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Skill Assessment: Vital Questions

Many times your effectiveness is based on your ability to know which questions to ask. Here a few vital leadership questions you should be reflecting on regularly:

Am I coachable?
How do I respond to feedback?
Am I fully committed to my leadership duties?
Do I represent the best of my organization?
Am I supporting and encouraging the people around me?
Do my words, body language and attitude lift others or bring them down?
How can I be my best today?

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General: Who is Your Leader Hero?

We are on a search for a few good men and women. Please comment on the one person you most admire as a leader in your life and at least two reasons why. Stories are welcomed. These individuals will be featured on this blog (by us interviewing them directly) and their stories will be shared with thousands during our hundreds of speeches and trainings throughout the year. We look forward to seeing who our readers hold up as model leaders and heroes. Please comment today! Thanks.

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