Fostering Relationships: Share Vs. Spend

Language has a power we sometimes forget. Particularly when it comes to how we label things. A perfect example is saying that you are "spending time" with someone. This label puts the focus on the time instead of the person. Additionally, it almost has a negative connotation - kind of an "I am losing something" feel.

Instead of saying that you are "spending time", try using the words "I am sharing time with someone." This sharing word brings with it a sense of community, friendship, giving and receiving, etc. It also puts the focus of the activity more on the exchange of words, thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc. and less on the minutes spent.

Words make a difference. Not only those you choose to say/type/text to others, but also those you choose to say to yourself. Choose wisely.

Now go share some time with someone.

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Matt Palka said...

Hey! I wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying all the knowledge about leadership and life in this blog. My name is Matt Palka and I am currently a New York FCCLA State Officer for Membership and Parliamentary Procedure. I've only been on this blog for a couple days and I'm very intrigued. Thank you for working with other CTSOs and mine. I share a passion for leadership as well, because of what FCCLA has taught me.