Innovative: The Innovation Petri Dishes

We have identified four personal attributes/habits/skills of consistently creative people.

Fluency - When posed with a question/situation/challenge/problem, the consistently creative person seeks out and tries on tons of potential answers.

Flexibility – The consistently creative individual not only thinks out of the box, but attempts to color the box, turn the box into an airplane, finds the box maker, studies the history of boxes, gets back in the box and then back out, etc.

Awareness – There are very, very, very few problems that individuals, companies, communities or organizations face that are brand, spanking new. The creation of something new requires an examination and appreciation of that which is old.

Originality – This may seem like a no brainer, but it is actually exactly the opposite. Your grey matter is totally unique from every other person on earth – 1 in 6 billion. No one has experienced, read, seen, heard, spoken, felt, smelled or touched exactly what you have. That means that you have the opportunity to create authentic output. Don’t be afraid to do it. Exercise that muscle often and it will be one of your greatest strengths!

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