Fostering Relationships: Leveraging Your Personal Power

Leadership happens in many different places and in many unexpected ways. We are in Chicago for a week teaching leadership to high school and college level student leaders and hearing stories about these students doing great work back in their world. One of the advisors told us about a student who has sparked the interest of her peers. She isn't a positional leader in the organization, but she has led them to get involved in their organization by:

1. Being genuinely enthusiastic about the organization herself (and most everything going on in her life). This pulls the students in and creates energy within the individuals and within the organization.

2. Encouraging her peers to help the organization in small ways. This creates obligation and an opportunity for her peers to have meaning in their life by serving.

3. She makes it "ok" to be a part of the group (which is a community college, business organization for the students that has not had a popular reputation). This social connectiveness meets a huge need they have in their life (that they would fill anyway somewhere else).

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