Integrity: Inspect What You Expect

Leaders check-in on what they expect to improve. Not for keeping score or ego-boost purposes, but because improvement is at the core of what effective leaders do and they make it a priority to stay on top of things.

A few weeks ago we conducted the first of five speaking skills conferences in the month of January for members of the Oklahoma FFA Association. The great little town of Dover hosted this first training. A good friend of mine is a Dover High School administrator and he came over to say hi. I thanked him for hosting the event and for stopping by. He replied with a very leaderly statement...

"Well, I expect good things today and I always inspect what I expect."

Ask yourself this question, what are you expecting from others today and what is your system for tracking goals, actions, improvement and/or decline?

Regarding your expectations, keep them high, look for the good and remember to separate the person from the performance.

Processing Questions for PLI Curriculum Teachers/Trainers:

1. What are 5 aspects about your leadership skills, team, or life in general that you are expecting to improve?

2. How can you inspect these expectations?

3. Why is it important to revisit, inspect, evaluate, and adjust expectations over the course of time?

4. What does it mean to separate the “person from the performance?”

5. What can you do to ensure that you are always expecting realistic results?

6. As a leader, why is it important to inspect what you expect from others?

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