Service-Minded: 33 Ideas for Being a Positive Influence

Following is a list of actual actions a population of students do on a regular basis to be a positive influence on the world around them. The students were anywhere from 9th graders to adult students who attended our SLAM (Serious Leaders And Movers) workshops on Tuesday at Francis Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma City (Rockwell Campus). SLAM meets once a month on one of the three FT campuses in Oklahoma City - Rockwell, Reno and Portland campuses.

The question is: What is on your list?

  1. Working hard at my job

  2. Being involved in school clubs

  3. Volunteering in the community

  4. Working with people with addictions

  5. Having good hygiene

  6. Baby-sitting my little sister

  7. Working with senior citizens

  8. Going the speed limit

  9. Started church youth choir

  10. Courteous driving

  11. Holding door open for people

  12. Being involved in the Special Olympics

  13. Controlling emotions

  14. Helping out with military troops with hugs

  15. Teaching people how to dance

  16. Recycle

  17. Talk to shy people

  18. Encouraging others

  19. Having a positive attitude

  20. Respect others property

  21. Cleaning up after myself

  22. Listening to others

  23. Helping even when I don’t have to

  24. Smelling the flowers

  25. Being responsible

  26. Giving money to homeless people

  27. Not tailgating

  28. Keeping some all white Nikes

  29. Church group involvement

  30. Not littering

  31. Staying in school

  32. Not smoking

  33. Mentoring

Processing Questions for PLI Curriculum Teachers/Trainers:

1. What are three actions you do to be a positive influence on the world?

2. How do these actions positively influence those around you?

3. In what ways can you move others to positively influence the world?

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