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A Leader Becomes A Leader is a phenomenal new historical leadership study book by J. Kevin Sheehan. It includes 65 in-depth, creative and insightful profiles of highly successful individuals and the corresponding leadership trait they exemplified.

This image is an example of one of the profiles. Each profile includes images, quotes, a page description of the leader's life, a column dedicated to the leader's timeline and a sentence providing a brief, interesting story from their childhood. This profile picture is from John Coltrane, which is an example that not all the profiled leaders are your traditional historical leaders (Lincoln, Churchill, Einstein, etc. - although they are included, as well.)

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in history and leadership, as well as any educators who teach leadership in their classroom.

Purchase it from Amazon or from the publisher, True Gifts.

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GCohen said...

I have not read the book but from your description I have read this book many times. There are way too many retrospective views of leadership. The more interesting perspective to me is when we discuss leadership up front, close up and personal. The everyday leadership that many of us experience. The comments we make walking down the hall or lack of comments made. The way we react in a meeting when we disagree with another member of the team. I think the reason our civilization is lacking leaders lately is that this new generation can't relate to those we call leaders. We keep using the same ones. And your example is a new one and yet it still coming from the same position of icon. Leadership happens everyday without iconic presences.