Teaching PLI: TRAX

TRAX is an evaluation tool built into the PLI curriculum.  The PLI philosophy is built around the concepts of value and growth.  As my old student leadership mentor put it, “When you’re green, you’re growing.  When you’re ripe, you rot.”
TRAX is a leader’s way of telling if they are at the Entry, Emerging, Engaged or Expert level of leadership ability.  There are two goals here: 
  • Be better everyday to become an Expert leader.
  • Be better everyday even when you are an Expert leader.
Each TRAX level has a task associated with it.  If you are able to fully complete the task, you know you are ready to work on the next one.  An Expert PLI Leader is able to say they have successfully completed all four tasks for all Ten PLI Essentials. 

The Four TRAX Tasks
Entry Leader – Provide a written description of the Essential in your own words. 
(Demonstrates Essential awareness.)
Emerging Leader – Provide an example of the Essential being used properly, as well as improperly.
(Demonstrates Essential understanding.)
Engaged Leader – Provide evidence of implementing the core principle of the Essential in your life.
(Demonstrates Essential action.)
Expert Leader – Provide evidence of you helping someone else learn and/or act upon the core principle of the Essential in their life.
(Demonstrates Essential mentoring.)

This is an excellent testing method for your PLI class, as well.  Good luck!

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