Skill Assessment: The Quintessential Success Trait

What does it take to reach success in any field?

I believe it entirely depends... if you are trying to fully explain each high-achiever's individual success. The most common traits that show up on these lists include determination, luck, hard-work, timing, passion, intelligence, networking, etc.

However, upon closer examination you will find there are a few commonalities.

My day job for the past 10 years has been teaching people how to be better leaders and, ultimately, how to do life better. Therefore, I have spent thousands of hours studying, examining and thinking about success and how to help people get there and stay there. Through this I have discovered a very powerful common trait among successful people.

I call this common trait... The Threshold Thread.

The Threshold Thread is a concept I have developed to frame the quintessential success trait of high achievers. They all have developed the ability to push their capacities further than the average person. They have expanded, enhanced and empowered -- this is the threshold part -- a large variety of skill areas -- this is the thread part, this capacity is woven throughout many aspects of their life.

The Threshold Thread concept leaves us with many questions:

  • How did they achieve this capacity expansion ability?
  • Who are some specific examples of The Threshold Thread?
  • What are the most common skill areas high-achievers have pushed the threshold in?
  • How does this concept gel with the success concept of getting highly skilled in one or two very focused areas?
  • What is preventing the average person from achieving this?

These are the questions I will be challenging you to think about and work through over the next few posts as we close out 2009 here at the Personal Leadership Insight blog. Keep checking in for more...


Anonymous said...

interesting blog

KWG said...

I'm really digging the threshold thread. For me, it's been all about learning mindful presence, being responsible for my actions and reactions, and feeding the hunger to learn more, know more and do more. I find that when I own myself and my development, the drive to succeed drives risk and failures to overcome. Because without failure, there is no motivation to improve.