General: A Short List of Exceptional Authors and Others

Who you are today is an equal mix of genetics and inputs.

Half of who you are is a product of your parent's DNA. That half is stagnant, done, and written in stone. The other half is a product of who you are around, what you read/listen to/watch. Following is a short list of inputs I keep in front of me on a daily basis.

Seth Godin - Marketing guru, author, blogger. His blog is packed with exceptional thinking.

Zig Ziglar - The grandfather of motivational speakers. His book See You at the Top is a must read.

Ben Casnocha - A young entrepreneur and blogger. His blog will expand your circle in a big way.

Chip and Dan Heath - Marketing experts. All marketers, teachers and speakers should read Made To Stick.

Gretchen Rubin - Blogger on emotional awesomeness.

Leo Babauta - Blogger on productivity.

Malcom Gladwell - Author. His books and articles are seriously intriguing.

John Maxwell - Author. The grandfather of modern leadership teaching.

Steve Roesler - Success Consultant and Blogger. If you lead others, you should subscribe to his blog.

Garr Reynolds - Author on designing great presentations and blogger.

Nancy Duarte - Author on designing great presentations and blogger.

TED - The annual conference of everything next level. Site includes hundreds of past video clips. [iTunes link]

Terry Gross - Host of NPR's Fresh Air. A daily radio show of interesting people. [iTunes link]

Ira Glass - Host of This American Life. A weekly radio show of interesting stories. [iTunes link]

Dick Gordon - Host of APM's The Story. A daily radio show of interesting stories. [iTunes link]

Dave - Host of a weekly chillout, trip hop and downtempo music called Dave's Lounge. [iTunes link]

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