Vision: Are you a Visionary?

The PLI Essential of Vision is all about making decisions in the short term to satisfy the needs of the long term.  In terms of action, it is less about tomorrow and more about today.  What are doing right now, in five minutes from now or this afternoon to get you where you want to be tomorrow, five years from now or five hundred years from now (leaving a legacy)?


A Visionary is a leader whose actions today are guided by their expectations and goals of tomorrow.  A key distinction to make is that there are actions involved.  A Visionary is not just someone who sits around all day thinking about their future.  A Visionary is someone who sits around for five minutes thinking about their future and then acts all day to make it a reality.  They are someone who sits around for a week thinking about their future and then acts for a year to make it a reality. 

The only true way to know if you are living the life of a Visionary is to answer “the future” when you ask yourself, “Are my actions today guided by where I need to be right now or in the future?” 

You need $20,000 in your savings account next year?  Spend wisely today.  You need to be 20 pounds lighter in six months?  Eat less today.  You need a job next week?  Make more phone calls today.  You need to rock out a presentation this afternoon?  Stop reading this blog post and get to work right now.  :)

Vision is all about ironing out where you want to be in the future and then acting accordingly today to get there.  Goal Processing is the stuff in the middle.  Make sure you study and practice both.

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