Innovativeness: Time to Explore

Have you created space in your life for exploring?  New travel destinations.  New people.  New ideas.  New web sites.  New books.  Etc.  You are expected to lead, guide and direct others.  This is a daunting and time consuming task.  It is important you carve out time for sheer wonder to remain strong in your life.  Tunnel vision and constant repetitive thoughts/sights/motion will create an intellectual and emotional vacuum in your life that hampers your ability to see, find and create new ideas. 

A few simple ways to keeping exploring:

  • When you are traveling, try new restaurants, shops, attractions, etc.
  • http://www.stumbleupon.com/
  • http://www.flickr.com/
  • Stop into a Borders, Barnes & Noble or, better yet, a library or locally-owned bookstore and pick up a new book.
  • Start a blog that demands you research new ideas to share with your readers.
  • Call a friend, co-worker, industry peer, etc. and ask them to lunch.
  • Pick somewhere different for a meeting.
  • Change your routine.
  • Make a new connection with a new peer, client, friend and create a new product, service, idea, etc.

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