Vision: New Blog Post Series

This PLI Blog series is inspired by PLI’s support of the California Association of Directors of Activities annual convention and their theme “Licensed to Lead.”

Each day leaders face a myriad of threats that can delay or derail their best efforts. In this series we will concentrate on the top 10 threats to “National Leadership Security” and the specific leadership tool that is most effective at combating it.

Threat #1:  Confusion / Lost / Misdirected Followers
Leadership Tool of Choice:  Vision

Assembling talent and skill around you to make a difference is not enough. More than ever, your team wants to know why they are doing what they are doing. They need to understand how their efforts are contributing to the larger purpose. When you sense others are confused, lost, or misdirected it’s likely that vision is missing or not clearly defined.

The first PLI Essential is Vision. We define vision as passionately pursuing valuable opportunities. All teams need meaning and it’s the primary responsibility of the leader to identify vision.

“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” Japanese Proverb
Here are some insightful questions to help you and your team get connected to Vision : 
  • What is your organization passionate about?
  • What are your followers individually passionate about?
  • How do you define value?
  • What are the opportunities that exist internally/externally that you can pursue that will bring the greatest value?
  • What does success look like if you could see it, take a picture of it, paint it, video it, post it to YouTube, etc.?

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