The Leader's Most Important Resolution

1. Learn.

Spend more time this year asking your team, clients, competition, peers and experts questions. Actively listen. Sharpen your behavior, approach, mind-set and strategies based on what you hear. 

Other important resolutions...

  • Add variety to input streams
  • Forgive 
  • Invest in quiet time
  • Purposefully develop others
  • Hand write more personal notes of gratitude, appreciation or encouragement
  • Listen to, watch or read amazing creative works
  • Volunteer
  • Fill meal times with one-on-one personal time with family, friends and team members 
  • Organize electronic note taking system for ideas, projects, important thoughts/data
  • Take action on "haven't been strong enough or willing to do" list

1 comment:

Stephan de Villiers said...

I think you nailed it by highlighting Learning as the one focus point for leaders. When Leaders stop learning they seriously impair their sustainability as an effective leader.