General: Activities for Your Leadership Class (Part 4)

This is the fourth post in a new series sharing many of our favorite leadership activities we do with our audience members across the nation. Each activity has a proven track record since we actually present at over 300 conferences, retreats, school assemblies and corporate events every year and have for the past 20 years.  Enjoy and feel free to share via Facebook, Twitter or email with your network of friends, teachers, trainers, speakers or absolute complete strangers!  (We are @pli_leadership on Twitter.)

This Way/That Way

PLI Essential Masterful Communication

Objective – To stand or sit based off of the answer to a question
Time Needed – 3-7 minutes
Material Needed – Open space if you want to change the game up and have them take a step forward or backward
When not to do it – If you do not have a predetermined list of topics
Debrief Possibilities – This is really just a fun mixer but it falls under the lines of masterful communication due to the listening aspect. It is also good to do as an opener to help students learn about one another.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. When a question is asked (all questions start with “do you prefer”) if you prefer the first object mentioned take a step forward (or stand up if there is no room) and if you agree with the second object mentioned take a step back (or sit down).

2. The questions should be a series of comparable objects that a student would prefer one over the other. i.e. “Do you prefer texting or talking”, “Do you prefer milk or orange juice” “Chevrolet or Ford” “MTV or ESPN” if they like the first object mentioned they can take a step forward or stand up and if they prefer the second take a step back or have a seat.

3. Have at least 10-15 things to compare but make sure they are things that each student could take a stance on.

4. Note: Stay away from political based or controversial topics.  These activities are designed to help us learn about one another not start a debate and/or riot.

One of our most popular curriculum pieces is The Activator.  It contains this activity, as well as 49 other effective leadership activities!

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