Skill Assessment: Performance Capacity and Quality of Life

Performance capacity is your level of available resources to accomplish tasks.  These resources might include time, knowledge, dexterity, etc. Increase your performance capacity and you increase the likelihood that you will do better work, more work and more enjoyable work.  How do you increase performance capacity?  This is a question on every effective leader, manager and contributing team member's mind.  There are many ways - coaching, training, proper job placement, attending conferences, effective management of resources, etc. However, I believe that if you improve your quality of life you will also improve your performance capacity. 

Quality of life is the alignment of your expectations/desires and the reality of your life.  I.e. - if your work day is going as you expected it to go, your quality of life is higher.  If you are paid what you desire, your quality of life goes up.  If your family treats you and other people as you expect, your quality of life goes up.  Your quality of life factors into performance capacity because a good portion of the resources you need to accomplish tasks effectively are emotional.  These commonly discussed elements include attitude, patience, focus, empathy, happiness, etc.  Your emotional components are fueled by how you feel about your life and the situations and people in it. So, how do you improve your quality of life?  How do you bring a tighter alignment between the expectations/desires and the reality of your life?  Check back for more...

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