Ten Vital Leadership Questions

Ask yourself the following ten questions (one per PLI Essential) to check your leadership pulse:

  • Vision - What am I doing today to be where I need to be in 5 years? 
  • Integrity - How am I helping my team trust me?
  • Innovativeness - What are the challenges I am facing today that require more "solution thinking"? 
  • Wise Judgment - Who do I consult with before making major decisions? 
  • Service Mindedness - Do I model volunteerism in my life? 
  • Goal Processing - Do I have challenging goals that stretch and grow my abilities? 
  • Skill Assessment - What is my core strength and have I put myself in the position to do that everyday?
  • Emotional Maturity - Do I handle struggles and failures with grace and a growth attitude?
  • Fostering Relationships - Am I working daily to improve the health of my most important relationship? 
  • Masterful Communication - Do I listen to others with focus?

Print this list and write your answers in a journal.  Work to identify goal areas where you need to adjust behavior to improve your leadership effectiveness.  Good luck.

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