Questions Business Leaders Should be Asking

I've owned a small business since 1999. YourNextSpeaker, LLC (www.yournextspeaker.com) is a company focused on building the leadership and presentation skills of individuals via the delivery of keynotes, workshops, coaching sessions and online and offline content. We have created hundreds of opportunities that have impacted over one-million audience members across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It has been a meaningful, challenging, complex, stress-filled, memorable and fun journey.

The most challenging element of running a training, speaking and coaching business continues to be how to find, understand, serve and build relationships and trust with clients. We regularly ask ourselves a set of critical questions and strive to find new and creative answers to each. This list includes, but is not limited to:
  • What do we need to streamline?
  • What resources do we need to create, invest in more purposefully, strengthen or change?
  • Who are key decision-makers we need to reach?
  • What products or services do we need to stop, pause, improve, change and/or begin delivering?
  • What constitutes a best client?
  • What clients do we need to start saying no or not right now to because they are not a good fit for us today?
  • Who are our primary competitors and what can we learn from their approach and/or techniques?
  • What are our GREAT goals?
    • Gels with values
    • Real benefit
    • Exact
    • Accountability
    • Tenacity/Timely
  • What do we define as streams profitable income?
  • How do we improve profitability by limiting expenses, growing income, managing inventory, fostering relationships, improving team skills and maximizing business opportunities?
Review this list and make certain you have a process in place where you and your leadership team keep your focus on information that matters most to your business today and in the future. Let me know when we can help.

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