Integrity: When Attending Conferences Is a Bad Thing

During the busiest month for conferences and conventions (October), it is relevant for us to take a quick look at the biggest downside of attending conferences - particularly leadership or other training conferences.

Attending conferences can be a bad thing when you don't keep the promises you make to yourself once you get back home.

One of the upsides of attending conferences is you get to learn new ideas, new methods, and challenge yourself to do better, perform better, and be better. However, if you fail to follow through on some or all of these commitments, you might as well have stayed home in the first place. Our most detrimental broken promises are the ones we break with ourselves.

So, set big goals, bring out the best in yourself and keep it out even after you get back home.
Processing Questions for PLI Curriculum Teachers/Trainers:
1. Why do we not always follow through on what we learned at conferences?

2. How can we work to make sure that we get the most out of the conferences and help ensure our follow through?

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Tom Magness said...

Thanks Rhett,

You are so right. I just got back from a leadership conference and have been overcome by events this week and thus have not done the critical follow-up and follow-through. Tasks for this week for sure.