Unmade Leader: Some Switches On... Some Switches Off

The big idea behind our upcoming book The Unmade Leader is "leaders are born and then unmade." For more reading about what this means, just click here.

I have spent the week traveling Colorado and speaking to over 1,600 high school students. It is amazing to see the wide range of leadership abilities. We have seen students on both ends of all seven Leadership Switches we discuss in The Unmade Leader.

We have seen students who were...

Very trustworthy... and students who broke our trust.

Very energetic... and students who were totally lethargic.

Curious about leadership, business, and improvement... and students who could care less.

Walking around with eyes wide open... and students who spent the conference not even looking for meaning.

Attracting others with smiles and encouragement... and students doing everything they could to keep people away.

Making great decisions... and students making poor decisions.

Comfortable with who they are... and students who were desperately trying to be somebody else.

The only downside of the type of training I do most of the time is I never really get to find out why students have their Leadership Switches turned on or off. No matter the reason, those of us who understand the power of the Switches need to just...

1. Work hard to keep our Switches on.
2. Remember the passive power of leading by example.
3. Encourage others that have their Switches already on to keep them that way.

Processing Questions for PLI Curriculum Teachers/Trainers:

1. Are any of your switches turned off?

2. What makes leaders turn off their switches?

3. What are some strategies that you can use to help ensure you keep your switches on?

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