Integrity: The 5 C's of Leadership Effectiveness

Personal Leadership Insight is a framework for leadership development. One or more of the ten PLI Essentials is an area of development need for all leaders. However, PLI is not a framework for leadership effectiveness. That is why we have the 5 C's...


Spend time chasing ambiguity out of your life. Get clear on your strengths, your areas of weakness, your mission in life, your organization's purpose, etc.


Trust is at the heart of a leader's effectivness. Everytime you give your word, keep it. (Especially to yourself.)


Like the old saying goes, "When you're green, you're growing. When you're ripe, you rot!"


Life and leadership are team sports. Strategy, execution, competency, etc. are important, but all are secondary to the human side of leadership.


The only test of leadership that matters is the answer to this question, "What value are you bringing to the table today?"

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