Service Minded: Customer Service Insights

Someone explain to me why a business would do these customer service blunders...

1. Not having the hot water turned on in the customer restrooms.

2. Actually saying, "I probably didn't tell you last time that I am bad at calling people back to let them know that their order is ready."

3. Actually saying to a customer when referring to their delivery process of the $1,000 product just sold, "I have no idea when those pictures will be up on the site. I have no idea if they (a 3rd party vendor) will send the same size postcards as we have envelopes. I have no idea if they will send the orders at the same time."

Customer service non-blunders...

1. Have it turned on.

2. Get better at calling your customers back.


Being service-minded is not just a touchy-feely added bonus. It is caring for the customer, caring for the customer, caring for the customer.

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