Skill Assessment: Doing Leadership Right!

If you want to see how raising emotionally and socially healthly children is done right, look no further than the 18 middle schools surrounding Riverside Middle School in Carson, Iowa (30 minutes east of Omaha, Nebraska.)

I just spent an amazing two days with some of the best 10-14 year olds and some of the best teachers and parents I have ever had the opportunity to know.

These students were ready and willing to listen, to have fun, and to learn about leadership. They were respectful, fun-loving, attentive, creative and hard-workers.

Thanks, Riverside for being one of the best groups I have worked with in a long, long time! And remember what we learned...

1. Leadership is about focusing on others
2. Getting excited about doing leadership will change your life
3. Treat people more like Jeremy and less like Shawn
4. Dead dairy is bad and leadership is not the same as being good
5. Wobblycootins are there to help us have fun, not to keep us from having fun!

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