Fostering Relationships: What is Your Texture?

What is the texture of your leadership style?  Is it abrasive - motivating people through fear, force and manipulation?  Or is it smooth - leading others with understanding, forgiveness and empathy?

Two big questions to consider here:

1. Do you know your style? If the answer is no, find out. Get feedback from the people you lead. Feedback is the grading system for professionals, especially leaders.

2. Is your texture too extreme one way or the other? You need to be yourself, but this need must not trump your attention to being flexible in how you deal with others. Think of your leadership style like sandpaper.  Each type of sandpaper performs basically the same function, but you wouldn't use a coarse paper on a delicate surface or on a job that doesn't require that much friction.  Your leadership style should be just as flexible and adaptable.

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Brian Foreman said...

Great points to remember. A good bit of self-awareness helps a lot. The imagery you've used here will certainly make the issue more accessible to those lacking it.