General: The Act of Pure Leadership

There are many different acts of leadership.  However, for an action to be a pure act of leadership it must require the leader to employ the following three personal characteristics:

Altruism - the act must be selfless and driven by a concern for others.
Tenacity - the act must involve a great challenge that requires discipline and grit to complete.
Vision - the act must push the envelope; bring to life a reality that others can't see or have refused to believe is possible.

Using this metric, ask yourself these three questions:

How often do I act entirely out of the selfless concern for others?
Am I working on projects and ideas that challenge me?
In what areas of my personal and professional life am I risking big?

Your answers to these three questions are a meaningful measurement of your leadership effectiveness and strength.

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dan black said...

These are some essential characteristics. Great reminder.