Skill Assessment: Building People, not Ships

The PLI Essential of Skill Assessment is not only about understanding and developing your own skills, for leaders it is also about understanding and developing the skills of others. A friend of mine, Jack Myrick, understands how to do this effectively. A few years ago he was a regional supervisor for 6 Sonic Drive-In stores. Everything was going smooth, but in a stretch of about 90 days things tanked. His best employees left and his remaining crew were undermotivated and underperforming. He was working 100 hour weeks and Jack knew something had to change.

So, he sat down and put 5 leadership principles on index cards and worked hard to fulfill their calling every day with his people. Within 6 months, his stores were setting records for sales. Feeling the need to share what he experienced, Jack wrote a leadership parable explaining the 5 leadership principles and the effect they can have on people.

His parable is called Shipbuilder. It is only 112 short pages and is a quick and powerful read! I won't give the 5 parables away, but my favorite line from the book is that the secret to great shipbuilding is to recognize that, as a leader, your job is not to build ships, but to build people!

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