Innovative: Ask the Hard Questions

I traveled to a small town in Oklahoma today called Adair to encourage about 150 high school students. Thanks to the "DeLozier twins" for not only inviting me to speak, but also for creating a phenominal leadership development environment within your school and your student organizations (FCCLA and FFA). The message today was...

  1. Make the most of the opportunities in front of you
  2. Choose wisely what you get excited about
  3. Aim high in life because you will get what you shoot for
  4. They can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.

A bonus of today was that I had a travel companion (most of my trips are solo). My travel partner was a client of mine that is passionate about helping students grow and develop into postive, productive leaders. His current position allows him to make an impact, but he sought my help and advice in creating new opportunities within his organization for student development. They have good programs now, but they could have great programs if someone takes the lead and starts to ask the hard questions. Why aren't we seeking out more funding? Why do we have people in the wrong positions where they aren't given the chance to use their strengths? Why are we facing the same problems today that we faced 10 years ago?

Innovation in an organization cannot happen until people start seeking out the answers to tough questions. Once that one hurdle is overcome, many other things can fall into place.

So, what questions do you and your peers need to be asking today to take things to the next level? Engage in dialogue... check your egos and baggage at the door... create some cool!

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