Teaching PLI: PLI Essentials Primer

I had the cool opportunity to present back at my alma mater tonight, Oklahoma State University. I only had 20 minutes at a banquet so I couldn't get through as much content as I wanted to, but the following is what I would have said if I had a full 60-minutes.

If you are new to the PLI Blog, this will also serve as a primer for the structure of Personal Leadership Insight - the ten PLI Essentials...

[The following is structured like this... PLI Essential -> Why your team needs it from you -> Small piece of advice on how to improve your effectiveness in that Essential area.]

  • Vision... Clarity... Examine your morning routine
  • Integrity... Inspiration... Be Honest
  • Innovative... Have a Voice... Have a mechanism to capture ideas
  • Wise Judgment... Authenticity... Stay in contact and in spirit with a mentor
  • Service Minded... Appreciation... Do something for someone that they can't do on their own
  • Goal Processing... Final Scores... If you can do something in under 2 minutes, take care of it now!
  • Skill Assessemnt... Placement... Hire people for their strengths, not their experience.
  • Emotional Maturty... Optimism... Practice Intelligent Optimism - Recognize challenges, work on solutions. Understand weaknesses, capitalize on strengths. Have many reasons to complain, simply choose not to.
  • Fostering Relationships... Belonging... Nurture all three layers of your relationships. Layer 1 is your family and friends. Layer 2 is your peers and casual acquaintances. Layer 3 is people who you know of, but who don't know you.
  • Masterful Communication... Clarity... Actively listen to others and give them the gift of your attention.
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