Integrity: Stop, Drop and Roll!

How do we safely and effectively reconcile when we act without integrity? This is a difficult question to answer. Popular theory is that a positive attitude thrives on a bad memory. Meaning we can be more optimistic about our future when we can forget the bad choices we made in our past. This is certainly true to a certain extent. When I think about times I acted in a manner that wasn’t congruent with my core values it tends to knock the wind out of my sails. However, I think a better theory is that a positive attitude thrives when we don’t dwell on our bad memories.

But that is all in the past. Let’s deal with what we do have control over – bad choices we make today. The next time you make a mistake and your behavior does not line up with your core values…

STOP – Recognize it when it happens and choose to deal with it now.

DROP – Drop your pride and say I’m sorry if it is an interpersonal situation or drop that habit if it is an intrapersonal situation.

ROLL – After you have sought out reconciliation, move on! My good friend and associate Kelly Barnes says that we must seek to be the BEST; Better Every Single Time. Just seek to be better next time.

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