Fostering Relationships: The Power of Empathy

A few weeks ago my wife went to the doctor's office for her final visit before having our second daughter last week. The doctor and nurses, Dr. Glass in Edmond, Oklahoma, finished up their examination and was ready to send my wife on her way. They concluded that she was ready to have the baby, but that the soonest she could get into the hospital was still a few days out. My wife's body language said that she was dissapointed by this. She was already a few days past due and was obviously ready to have the baby that moment. The nurses read my wife's body language and found her a spot at another hospital.

As it turned out, she had our second little girl at the first hospital on the later date. However, the nurses' excellent empathy and attention to detail put Ashley's mind at ease and reinforced our belief that Dr. Glass and his staff are not only excellent at their technical skills, but also at their soft skills! Thanks again, team!

It is amazing how simply businesses and organizations could improve their bottom-line if they only spent time improving their employees' people skills.

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