Emotional Maturity: What is Your Motivation?

This blog is about how to use your leadership talents in a meaningful way. In today's cynical world, the most effective leaders strengthen their emotional maturity by placing authentic methods of personal motivation in their life. I was blessed with number three yesterday!!!!!!!

UNBELIEVABLE: I read an article last month that highlighted the results of a research project on happiness. Part of the project was studying whether having children increased or decreased parental happiness. The research results stated that the majority of parents reported a decrease in happiness after having children. I feel personally blessed to be in a situation where I can not even fathom how that can be true. Even though I am fully aware that the reasons are out there, I am not even going to try to articulate how or why those parents came to be in that situation. I'm just going to say this...

Our number one most important leadership efforts reside within our family structure, no matter our professional or personal position in life. Do things right there first and everywhere else second.

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