The Unmade Leader: Are Leaders Born or Made?

One of the biggest leadership questions of all time is...

"Are leaders born or made?"

One camp thinks leaders are born - that people either have or don't have the qualities and traits to effectively influence others.

Another camp believes leaders are made - that the skills it takes to lead are partly genetic, but mostly learned.

A concept I would like you to consider and then analyze how it applies to your leadership journey is that leaders are born and then overtime they are unmade through the struggles and trials of life. Meaning that everyone is born with ears to listen, a mouth to smile, a heart to care, a conscience that knows right from wrong, a spirit of enthusiasm, etc. and then overtime we slowly lose those or we do not get rewarded properly for using those.

Now, we still must learn the mechanics of effective leadership (eye contact, time management, intellectual pursuits, etc.), but chiefly our purpose is to not let others, the pressures of life, the really good times or the really bad times to unmake our inherent ability to be an effective leader.

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