Integrity: Placed... Re-engineering Responsibility

A select few in this world are chosen to serve in a position of influence. They are placed as protectors of integrity and faith in a world of indifference and false-witness. Many assume this responsibility is a choice - a conscience decision. I believe this assumption encourages responsibility to be viewed lightly and without the appropriate level of intensity. When looked at from the point of view of the former, it becomes clear the position has chosen the person.

This demands respect and humbles the recipient into action. If you are in a position of authority and\or influence, it is your duty to hold yourself accountable and have the highest level of expectations in regards to your conduct and performance! You were placed in that position because you are part of a much larger plan! It is your responsibility to perform at your personal best, thereby inspiring the same in others!

So, how is this discussion relevant to you and your life?

First of all, it is human nature to desire to understand the meaning of life and why things happen as they do.

Secondly, we as a country desperately need to infuse a hefty dose of personal responsibility into the national psyche. Starting one person at a time.

It is also important to note this discussion is not meant to serve as a cop-out for those in less-fortunate or under-privileged situations. This is certainly not a ''life just did this to me'' philosophy. This philosophy and the supporting arguments serves the purpose of re-engineering the responsibility of those in power and influence in America – no matter the size of that influence.

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