The Unmade Leader: Born With What?

For the next few days, the blog will be focusing on the discussion of my new take on the old question, "Are leaders born or made?" The concept is this...

"Leaders are born and then unmade."

There is a powerful amount of discussion, arguments, viewpoints, assumptions and underlying-concepts within those six simple words. I want to spend the next few days unpacking them.

The unpacking process will be framed with the PLI structure and in the form of one question per post.

Today's question is "born with what?"

I believe that the core of a leader's effectiveness contains most everything they need to be effective and that they were born with these basic elements...

  • Enthusiasm for life
  • Curiosity of everything
  • Courage to risk boldly
  • Happiness to laugh
  • Affection to care
  • Thirst for information
  • Confidence to ask questions
  • Spirit to trust
  • Internal compass to know right from wrong

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