The Unmade Leader: Can Leaders be Remade?

Over the past week I have been unpacking our new answer to the old question, "are leaders born or made?" The concept statement is...

"Leaders are born and then unmade."

Each post has revolved around a question. Here is the current list...

Born with what?
What is a leader?
Are leaders born with everything they need to lead?
What does unmade mean?
What are other moments that unmake leaders?

Today's question is, "Can leaders be remade?"

The short answer is yes, with the proper motivation and techniques. That is actually what my speaking and leadership training company, YourNextSpeaker, is all about: blocking the unmaking of leaders and remaking leaders. We call the framework for this development process Personal Leadership Insight and this is where the ten PLI Essentials come into play.

Leaders can be remade if they...

1. Identify that an unmaking moment has occurred.
2. Recognize and place value on remaking their influence ability.
3. Understand how their influence has been diluted, damaged or deleted. Is it in the area of relationships, goals, integrity, creativity, talent, communication, etc.?
4. Seek out techniques and tools to replenish, restore and revive their influence.

Point number four is why the Personal Leadership Insight curriculum exists. To provide leaders an information portal to remake their ability to positively influence people and situations to create value and growth. Chances are there is a point of interest within this blog that can help you today on your remaking path...

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