Emotional Maturity: Picking the Perfect Cup

How do people learn how to order at Starbucks? I haven't seen the official list, but the list of potential drink options at Starbucks has got to be huge. Venti soy non-fat latte. Grande caramel macchiato. Tall chai latte whipped. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. (And to infinity and beyond...)

Most of these drink orders are not specifically on the menu. So, how do people know in which form they would like to be caffenated? And with the thousands of options out there, what is the process like to filter the list down to something they can call "their drink?"

The answer, of course, is trial and error, repeated over time and a great need to learn what works for them. This coorelates to exactly what great leaders do regarding the mastering of their Emotional Maturity Essential. They know there are a thousand options for how to deal with life in an emotionally mature manner. If one isn't working, they pick a different one. And they continue this process until they land on the perfect cup. The key learning is, they don't let life order their response for them!

Think about it. What menu option do you choose when someone upsets you? When you are disappointed with a loss? When you are not feeling well? When your stress level gets a little out of control? When a friend does something nice for you? When you experience a win? When you finally decide that most of the things in life that you normally let crash you are not really worth it?

So, what do you order at Starbucks? Please comment.

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Anonymous said...

Tazo Creme Chai Frappacino.

Anonymous said...

Venti chai with soy