Innovative: Searching for Solutions

The sheer quantity of information that exists and is being created, indexed and searched for today is staggering. There are a multitude of statistics that show how much there is today in relation to how much more there will be in a few week from now. This is why Google, Amazon and E-Bay are the largest internet companies in the world. They exist to help us sort through the billions of options.

Today's most effective leaders exercise their innovativeness by searching for solutions habitually. They get great at weeding through all the information, surgically breaking it down, and then working diligently to find solutions. They also develop a system for capturing solutions as they appear. For example, my method is the notes funtion on my Blackberry. It syncs with the notes in my Microsoft Outlook so I have access to revisit and utilize any and all solutions that come my way.

If you want to find more meaning in your life, find more solutions...
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