Masterful Communication: Disagree Without Disagreeance

The PLI Essential of Masterful Communication is defined as firmly commanding the right tools at the right time with the right message.

I know many leaders who have the right tools, but struggle with the right time and the right message. Masterful timing is one of those illusive "ninja-level" communication art forms. Some people have it, some don't. However, framing the right message can be more primal, but it still takes miles of practical experience to obtain.

Here is a practical experience you can create to get your hands around the message you need to master (which varies based on your professional duties and leadership position.) Seek out someone who you know disagrees with you on a number of key issues. Listen to them, empathize with their position, learn how they formulate their opinions, but do not try to sway them. This is critical! Just listen to their language and seek to understand. Not only will you befriend someone who you may not have had the best relationship with, but you may also discover missing links in how you are framing your opinions and messages.

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