Service Minded: The Little Things Build Community

My hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma has been under six inches of ice for almost a week now. I have joked with my fellow Oklahomanites that we don't know which is worse; six inches of ice or six feet of snow!

The entry/exit to my neighborhood is sloped. Not very steep, but steep enough that when covered by ice, it is very dangerous. The temperature finally got above freezing today and you could hear machines and shovels everywhere taking advantage of the window to clear some of this frozen mess. Especially since we are expecting a dumping of snow this weekend.

Some good Semaritans went above and beyond the call of duty today and decided to do something about the ice on our sloped neighborhood entryway. My wife said it looked like probably three families. I don't know how long it took, but they worked until the ice was cleared and drivers were able to safely stop and go.

These three families demonstrated a key aspect of what it takes to live and thrive in a community. Their Service Mindedness not only helped drivers, but it served to remind all of us that leadership starts in the community structures we all live within - families, neighborhoods, towns, workplace, etc.

Challenge: do something today in your communities to build community....

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