Service Minded: Go Beyond Lucky

"Everybody can be great because everybody can serve."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our little girl turned two this weekend! The party was a needed respite from the otherwise routine and house-bound past three days. Snow and ice moved into the Oklahoma area on Friday and a five-degree wind chill has kept it on the ground and us in the house!

One of our little one's favorite gifts was Lucky the Incredible Wonder Pup. It is a Labradoodle (seriously?) that responds to a stagnant list of voice commands; sit, put em up, good dog, go get the paper in the freezing cold, etc. He is pretty cool, but our little girl thinks he is magic!

Lucky is similiar to us in that we are all fortunate enough to learn "commands" and the appropriate response for each. Lucky is somewhat un-lucky in that his list of commands will never change. He is as smart today as he ever will be.

The most effective leaders of men, women and children go beyond lucky. They change, adapt, learn, and grow over time. And the highest level of leadership is accomplished when this process is guided by a focus on service for others. Some people change for selfish reasons. Some people change for servant reasons. Bring a meaningful smile to someone in your life this week by improving your list of "commands" and the response you have learned for each!

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