Vision: Used Car = New Vision

My wife and I just bought a new car. Well, new to us, but used to the world. The experience has reminded me of the oddity of seeing things that you never saw before even though you knew they were always there. Upon purchasing the aforementioned vehicle, we now see them all the time and I don't recall seeing even one on the road before.

This same dynamic happens with the Vision PLI Essential. It is amazing how, once you set your sights on accomplishing something and you actively begin pursuing it, people, resources and opportunities begin popping up to support you in your quest. This dynamic only works up to a certain size of vision. History shows us that the larger and more robust the vision, the less support you will find from others.

These realities remind us that whether you own a "2001 model vision" that is common place or a "2010 model futurstic vision" that is strange to people, believe in your vision and gladly accept any supportive words you receive (and remember to return the favor).

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Anonymous said...

Funny....that looks like our car!