Skill Assessment: The Experiences Lever

Since ancient times the lever has been used to move physical objects farther with less effort. Much has been written about the value of education vs. the value of experiences regarding our ability to be successful leaders. Certainly this debate will go on for many years to come.

However, I believe our experiences provide a type of leverage that many types of traditional education paths do not. For example, my experiences have been heavily influenced by student organizations; both in high school and college. Consequently, that is where I spend a majority of my time training and speaking. I see thousands of students every year increasing their leadership potential because of their grand experiences in these organizations.

Here are logos of just a handful of student organizations out there that are providing an amazing avenue for students to build up their experiences lever. If you are a parent or mentor of a student, learn more about these. If you are a student, sign up today!!!! They will change your life. Comment below if you want to know more...

Of course, the most powerful lever is the combination of both education and experiences, which all of these organizations provide since they are directly tied to some sort of educational institution.
So, the question is, what experiences do you need to add to your repertoire to accomplish meaningful significance as a leader?
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