Emotional Maturity: Choose Your Response

We have been in Chicago for the past week speaking and training. Most of the attendees of our conference are staying at the host hotel. A good number of people had to stay at hotels on the outskirts of town. This resulted in 2-3 hour commute times. Needless to say, people were outwardly upset and the whining train was full. However, what a concrete and relevant example of a major difference between poor leaders and rich-with-positive-influence leaders.

When a person makes the choice to engage their leadership potential, they also make the choice to have more problems come across their desk, to have to manage more people, to have more stress on their shoulders and to generally be more engaged in most everything. These additional pressures and strains are a fact of life. There is no getting around them.

Leaders learn that how they respond and talk about these situations greatly influences their outcome. Poor leaders choose to respond and talk negatively and thus attract poor outcomes. Very effective, positive leaders choose to respond and talk positively about these challenges. They don't ignore them, they simply choose to concentrate their energy in working, not whining.

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